About Us
United for Export is a part of family business in flax fiber which we started more than 60 years old , it passed by generation to generation , we are the third generation now and we hope to keep our business for more coming generation.

We are now located in heart of flax fiber cultivation in Tanta Egypt where is our mill and farms. Our head office for exporting and marketing is located in Cairo Egypt heart of the world connection .

We established a very good reputation with the biggest Companies in China and Middle east , Europe and Russia. Which was result of the hard work and hard looking after the quality to keep our trust history with our clients.

And we are targeting to have a good business relation in North America. We have advanced production plans to establish a new lines in our company to satisfy all our customer requirement.

Markets We Serve:

All our production markets are now well known in :


Russia - Ukraine - Lithuania - Germany - Belgium - France

Middle East
Syria - Jordan - Lebanon

South America